Anika James Scholarship Fund

Anika James Scholarship Fund

The following scholarships are offered with the support of Anika’s friends and family members, those who love her and will cherish her in their hearts forever.  Anika’s family sends a heartfelt thank you to everyone.  It is our hope that we can expand the scope of these efforts in the future.

Contributions can be sent to:

Anika James Foundation
6208 Fayetteville Road Suite 106
Durham, NC 27713

P. O. Box 12380
Durham, NC. 27709

Anika James Scholarship Fund at the Mona Foundation

In continuing Anika’s legacy of service and acknowledgement of her love for children, the Anika James Scholarship Fund has been established at the Mona Foundation to support educational opportunities for children and to promote the status of girls and woman around the world.

A fundraising event was held on September 27, 2008 at Jordan High School.  About 200 guests were entertained by the talented Jordan High School choir and Carla Baker, a Houston, Texas, jazz singer.

On May 2nd, 2009, the second fundraiser was planned and carried out by Anika’s friends from Durham Academy, Jordan High School, and Baha’i community.  It was held at Durham Academy, where Anika attended middle school.  Many of Anika’s teachers, family members, friends and their families enjoyed a beautiful program of arts including singing, dancing, painting, drawing, plays, poetry, music, etc.  This was a wonderful tribute to Anika for her 18th birthday and high school graduation. 

The first project of the fund is to build a learning center for children in Cambodia.

Anika James Performing Arts Scholarship at Jordan High School

As a tribute to Anika and her love for the performing arts, two scholarships were established at Jordan High School, where Anika attended, one for the senior class and one for the class of 2009.  The scholarship for the senior class will continue into the future.

May 2007 recipients:

10th grade:  Andrew Hove
12th grade:  Rachel Carter
                   Caroline McElveen

May 2008 recipients:

Amelia Solkoff
Taylor Madill

May 2009 (Anika’s graduating class) recipients:

Hannah Lingafelt
Michael Shoaf
Katherine Bae Higgins

Anika James Performing Arts Scholarship for High School Girls Singing Musicals

This scholarship has been established to promote the young female singers who participate in the annual National Association of the Teachers of Singers (NATS) competition.  It is offered to high school females who sing musicals.. 

February 2008 recipient: 

Meredith Davis

November 2008 recipient: 

Mara Howard-Williams