Anika James Scholarship Fund

Remembering Anika: Poems & Notes for Anika

Our Anika (by Julia Lee, Anika's Aunt)

Her beauty far surpassed,
What was seen with the human eye;
Her inner spirit was brilliant,
And her smile could light the sky.

She was a friend to all who met her,
And special sister, too;
What parents could ask for a better child
Than the daughter they loved and knew.

Her laughter and her talent
Brought joy to all she met;
Our social butterfly has flown,
But her love is with us yet.

Our memories of her are special,
In our hearts we carry her love;
Now she’s soaring amidst the angels,
And watching us from above.

So it’s not our place to question,
Why God called for her like this;
She’s under His protection,
And has found eternal bliss.

Goodbye, our dear Anika,
In El-Abha you’ve taken your place;
One day we’ll be reunited,
In another time and space.